Are you ready for the most extreme stake pool in crpyto?

Supercharge your crypto performance

Discover the stake pool that brings trust, transparency and value to the Cardano ecosystem

How it works

Stake, relax and collect without problems

Become a Nuclear Stake Delegate

Start participating NOW in three easy steps …


Delegate your ADA to NUKE

Delegate your ADA into the Nuclear Stake staking pool (ticker [NUKE]) using Yoroi or Daedalus wallet.


Keep your ADA delegated to NUKE

The longer your ADA is delegated to NUKE the more rewards you can receive!


Enjoy the Rewards

Sit back and enjoy the rewards to your staking address.

Light it up!

Delegate your ADA to a Nuclear Stake Pool

Get rewarded with ADA and unique NFTs

Stake Now

Potent yield and rewards

Experience a "Nuclear power plant"-type of powerful crypto staking performance.


Enjoy the social and financial benefits of a sustainable long-term community.

Giving Back and Helping Out

Operated by a team that is eager to give back and help others.

Education included

Come for the ultra-high performant experience, stay for the education and brilliant community.

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